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You're Just an Innocent

A Helpless Victim of a Spider's Web

Claude Faustus
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And I'm just an insect
I'm going after anything that I can get

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alois trancy, apathy, birdwatching, breaking you, butterflies, canterbury, cooking, crochet, deception, eels, elitism, ends justify means, food sculptures, glasses, hannah anafeloz, haunting your dreams, ingraining phobias, inverted fairytales, jacking loki's weapons, japanese aprons, licking, making tea, manipulation, norse myths, not being a fairy, not dancing, not loving you, not smiling, not wearing dresses, origami, setting tables, silverware combat, smiling while you cry, spiders, spinning, stalking, swords in maids, tap dancing, the buffet line, the prince, thompson, timber, top hats, waterbending, webs of lies